jwhois searches Whois servers for the object on the command line.The host to query is taken from a global configuration file, a configuration file specified on the command line, or selected directly on the command line.


jwhois [选项]


--version display version number and patch level 
--help display this help 
-v, --verbose verbose debug output 
-c FILE, --config=FILE use FILE as configuration file 
-h HOST, --host=HOST explicitly query HOST 
-n, --no-redirect disable content redirection 
-s, --no-whoisservers disable whois-servers.net service support 
-a, --raw disable reformatting of the query 
-i, --display-redirections display all redirects instead of hiding them 
-p PORT, --port=PORT use port number PORT (in conjunction with HOST) 
-r, --rwhois force an rwhois query to be made 
--rwhois-display=DISPLAY sets the display option in rwhois queries 
--rwhois-limit=LIMIT sets the maximum number of matches to return



jwhois root //查找root用户信息


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